New Outdoor Venue for Summer 2016 at Ullswater Yacht Club

Ullswater Yacht Club

From 6th June until 29th August 2016, Penrith Canoe Club will be based down at Ullswater Yacht Club for it’s weekly evening sessions. Just past Cross Dormant Holiday lets on the Howtown road, along Ullswater. See map. We will have 2 evenings:

Monday eve will be club night, similar to at the pool, but a bit earlier. Arrive 6.30pm ish to get changed and set up the pitch. 1st session on the water about 7pm till 8pm ish, then 2nd session 8pm ish till just after 9pm, then pack away pitch. There will be a designated coach in charge for the evening. Please follow their instructions.

Fri evening. Training session. All welcome, but there will be no coaches running the session, so more emphasis on looking after yourself and each other. Start about 7pm. Don’t intend to get the pitch out. Probably just put out one goal. Emphasis will be on drills and training for polo tournaments. Note that there are likely to be spectators, as the bar is open on a Fri. There is also fish and chips available, but this has to be pre ordered and is available early in the evening. Good for family & friends coming down to watch, but maybe not those planning to train!

Costs: Same as if we were at the pool. If you pay by standing orders, it is covered, if not, £6 per session. After 3 sessions you will be expected to join the canoe club (insurance requirement). This will be reviewed for next year, but we don’t know how many people will come down, and we have to pay the yacht club and insurance.

Equipment: We have a trailer down at UYC, with plastic polo kayaks, buoyancy aids, helmets and spraydecks in it, as per at the pool. However, there are currently no canoe cags (we are putting in a bid for a grant for some). It will obviously be colder than paddling in the pool. A fleece top and waterproof / windproof top are a good idea. If you haven’t got access to one, email the club email, [email protected] and we’ll try and sort one out for you to borrow. If you think you are likely to swim, a wetsuit is a good idea as the lake water is cold! However, most polo players don’t wear one as they get too hot.

Facilities: There are changing rooms and toilets available and there may even be showers, but it has not been confirmed whether there will be hot water on a Mon! The clubhouse is not available on a Mon, but as stated above, it is open on a Fri and there is a bar. If friends and family want to bring a barbeque down, there is a fixed one that anybody can use. The pitch and playing area is right outside the clubhouse, so it provides good spectator sport. We have preplaced anchors for the pitch to fasten to. The goals fasten to the jetties. There is parking available on site.


  • There will be a couple of dates not available during the summer, due to sailing schools and regattas. We’ll post those dates on the website and facebook.
  • If you want to go down on other nights/days, you will have to join the Yacht Club.
  • Equipment will not be available for borrowing during the summer as we want it to be there for club nights.
  • This is an initial 3 month trial, so that both sides can decide whether it will work as a permanent arrangement. Please therefore be understanding, but also feedback your thoughts to the committee.