NW&C Div 2 tournament Dec 12th 2017

NW&C Regional Div 2 Dec 12th 2017

Penrith Canoe Club played their second tournament of the season in the North West & Central Regional Div 2 Canoe Polo league. They got off to a good start with a 6-1 win over Lancaster University. Goals from Jack Dunn, Katie Farley and Robin Helmsby. The second game was much closer against Welsh Warriers, with the lead switching continually. However, Welsh Warriers clinched it 4-3 with a last minute goal. Penrith goals again from Jack, Katie and Robin. Despite the loss, Penrith felt they played well and maintained their confidence for the 3rd game against Liverpool CC, winning comfortably 8-2 with goals from Jack, Katie, Robin and also Chris Archer. In the last game, they continued their winning form, beating Trentham 4-0. Throughout the tournament, Penrith felt they played a really disciplined game, sticking to their plan and in the words of captain Jack Dunn, they “Nailed it!”.



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We are now 4th in table, but Red Rose & Ulster have 4 games in hand.