Penrith Canoe Club Minutes of AGM

1st December 2013 at 7pm Agricultural Hotel, Penrith

[13 members present]

Chairs report
Club has 16 boats and equipment with 2 more boats on order.

This seems to be sufficient as there has only been one night when all boats were in use. Some debate over the need to have enough if people are travelling a long way for a session to find there is no boat available. Long-term issue is the need to replace and repair equipment, this costs money and more funds are needed to do this.

Current membership
There are about 40 members with 20-25 regularly turning up at the pool.

This is going well, but keen to get more people trained up. Cumbrian Canoeists are able to fund this paying 50%, up to £100 maximum per course. A polo coaching module could be set up, Twill to check viability with Lyn. At present coaches, need to show their certificates and CRB check to be given a red shirt which identifies them as a club coach.

We have done fantastically well as a new canoe polo club:

  • Came third in NE tournament at Richmond
  • Entered a team in the Div 4 league
  • Set up a Cumbrian League and run three tournaments & a Ref’s course so far.

3 Year Development Plan and the Future of the Club
Club has achieved all it set out to achieve in the first 3 years.

Year 1: Teach rules, how to play and get equipment

Year 2: Set up Cumbria league & enter national league

Year 3: Reassess direction… discussion held over future.. Do we expand to become a ‘normal’ canoe club? Agreed to approach Carlisle Canoe Club via Mike Sunderland (RCO) to build a link for the youth who would benefit from paddling on rivers. This issue will be re-visited in the future. 

Treasurer’s Report
The club has £800 at present which will be enough to complete the purchase of the 2 new boats (deposit has already been paid). Pool sessions make about £20 profit a week above pool fees, which is not enough to cover maintenance and wear and tear. Discussion about what should be done to ensure club has equipment in 5 years time when present equipment has been worn out. Funding structure needs reviewing, but no decision to change it at present was made, subscriptions can only change at start of a year and setting up a booking system for a beginners series of sessions was seen to be too onerous / complicated at present.

Election of Officers
The following were proposed and seconded with due process:

Chair: Tim Mather
Treasurer: Jonathan Stables
Secretary: Che McGarvey-Gill
Website/communication: Chris Archer
Social/events: Jo Cooper
Welfare Officer: Paul Wilson (Twill)
Team captain for National Leagues: Tim Mather (while Twill injured)
Cumbria League Organiser: Paul Wilson (Twill) & John Cox
Youth Coordinator: Karen (new role to develop!)
Equipment officer: Still to fill
Fundraiser: Tim Mather with Chris Archer

Cumbria Canoeists
Mike Sunderland (Regional Coaching Officer) came to the meeting to say that Cumbrian Canoeists are impressed by the work that Tim has done in setting up the club and congratulate the club on how much has achieved in 2 years. They are keen to support the club and are trying to re-locate their meetings to Penrith to be more central. The meetings will be on Monday nights to suit other clubs, but Twill pointed out that this clashes with our club night so we would not be able to attend and asked Mike to rotate the day meetings were held on.

Faith Cook is our Local Coaching Organiser, whose role is to nurture Penrith and Carlisle Canoe clubs.

Social events
Jo is taking the post seriously and is developing a thrilling programme of at least four events for the year ahead. Tiger boating is on 30th April (to be confirmed), there will be a summer barbeque & paddle on a lake somewhere. Others talked of a leaving do for Norbert during March! [and of course tonight was pretty sociable!]

Meeting closed at 10.30pm